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Why can't Android mobile phone version be played? When I open the game, it will automatically flash back.

i cant press the grip button im on windows mixed reality someone help


Sans has been planted




Awesome port to VR

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Download is not working

Is there a way to recenter?



there is with oculus link you connect it to your computer and it runs to your quest its what i do all you need is steam vr and to turn on a setting in the oculus app and it works

idk I havent played it yet but I wanted to play it since i was 7 I love your games you have absolutely everything

It's... Uh... BOOTIFUL!

Can you make an oculus quest version?

i dont think there will be a Quest Support beacause he will need to contact Oculus And Tell Them about it And beacause fnaf sL Is a Paid Game and this is a Basically pirated game it wont be in the Oculus Quest store.

no I was talking about side loading. It doesn't have to be on the quest store I was just asking if they could a apk download for it


Oh Now i get It!

You can’t sideload this(I don’t think) but you can still play it as long as you download it onto your pc and then use a link cable or use virtual desktop. Hope this helped :)

Does this remake the entire game?

Yes the entirety of the original game is in VR


That's so cool!


can you make a free one same look but no download pls can you just try


What do you think you will get a virus?

can you do steam vr like your pizza sim game?

can you make ti for oculus quest please

This does work on oculus as long as you have a pc and a link cable or virtual desktop

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Gotta say, that i didnt even enjoy it.

Its bc i was somewhere else then i was supposed.

Sooooo, i need a recenter button just to enjoy the game... 

But it looks great.

This game is equally fun and terrifying and it is really well made for a fan game!

looks so cool I want to play it but it is not compatible with quest 


Had fun!


Hey im currently watching your video and so far its great keep up the great work!

you have very bad language :(