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Make a apk version

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they will in the full version of the game

its on sidequest

I know

yeah but it leads back to here

sans has been planted


Aye can we get an apk for this?

i found out thell realese it in da full version :D

Where can I find it

when. its done

ok thanks 

Your welcome 

Hey Guys! Im not the DEV but i am in his discord server and hes posts updates on the games hes making there.. Heres the link! if you want to know the games hes doing then here ya go

FFPS(almost done!)
UCNVR(Will be worked on fulltime after FFPS)
Fnaf4VR(will be worked on after all of the above)

i hope this isn't fake

not in vr

in computerrr

Incorrect! you must not have installed steam vr!

bruh i want fnaf 6


here it is!

can u get this on a mac book 

no i don't think so but try

Could you make this game for quest and you could sideload to here or sidequest, Thank you.


He is working on that! after of course he finishes

 the base game which will be pretty soon!

i was gonna say that just now -_-


Could you port this to sidequest or make an apk, pcvr is broken on my pc because its not capable to handle it, thank you!

um they will do that in the full release ill let u know when its done :D

for now its pcvr

(btw i have the same problem lol)


This is sick!


honestly cant get through the first nigh

oh wait it is cuz quest can do steam vr YAY

is it compatible with oculus quest it looks so cool and I want to try it(same with sister location)  

Hey, I looked at it too and I think it only wotks with Vive. Let me know if it works though!

well it uses steam vr and Oculas can use trhat so I thnk it wil wirk

ok...let me know if it does!

teach me your ways

Yep! SLVR is on sidequest but for this early version of FFPSVR you need PCVR but after he finishs PCVR FFPS he will begin working on the quest version.